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Welcome to FarmPlus

By InfoRM Knowledge

For farmers, FarmPlus info is the first online knowledge centre that can find all the research you've invested in.

Type in your question and hit return. In an instant, FarmPlus will give you a precise list that's right for you.  It trawls through tens of thousands of relevant webpages and hidden documents, hundreds of websites and returns just the information you need. Instantly!

No longer will you need trawl the internet, or search through endless technical manuals and brochures, and attend field endless days just to have the latest and most relevant farm efficiency information. Once FarmPlus info knows what you personally need, it keeps getting better at finding it just for you.

Because FarmPlus knows what you're looking for, you get fast, streamlined access to up-to-the-minute research and data from all the R&D corporations, government departments, universities and hundreds of online agricultural content sources.  

All packed neatly for your farm, no matter what the question, FarmPlus has your answer in seconds.  Try it now.

FarmPlus info, why didn't someone think of this before?


FarmPlus Info

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